Ergodic Evocations

I forget sometimes

I may not remember where all of your branches have grown
But I will never forget how I felt sitting in your shade

Ah Louie, so goddamn poignant. 

(Source: visegripped)


"Maybe it’s not my invitation to extend
But these rooms refuse to breathe without you
So now every time I shut their doors
Without you behind me 
It feels like I’m locking breath in the lungs of some great beast
Starved for air 
Holding out for the hauntings
Of someone who left long ago
My wanderings are CPR pressure points in the heart of this house
Bringing your memory back to life with every step”

Anonymous asked: If the dog becomes the cat. The cat becomes the dog. Why is the frog still the frog?

Can’t think of what an equivalent amphibian would be for the frog…maybe a lizard? But that’s a reptile…you’ve stumped me, Anon. 

Anonymous asked: Beep boop woop shoop swoop beep bop boop reeeeeeeeeee! I'm a robot?

Are you really a robot, Anon?